Thursday, 4 September 2014

…Food: Juicing...

(scheduled post - am currently away in Spain. Back soon)

I have heard a great many things about juicing and the benefits it can have for your body. Now, last weekend I was extremely fortunate enough to purchase a juicer for £3. £3!!!!!!! I know right, and it bloody works too. Score in my books. It looks like a fairly old one but it works amazingly. So easy to clean after too. Just scrape the remaining bits of pulp away and then wash the parts. Simple.

So over the past few days I have been testing out some recipes and get a feel of what juices I like best. Of course you can't go wrong a good old glass of greens. My faves being celery, cucumber, spinach, apple and kiwi. Yum and oh so good for me, ha!

This time around I wanted to try something a little different - orange and carrot. I then thought about adding in some red pepper, and seeing how that turned out…

Well, least to say it was delicious. The juice from the orange counter-acts the carrot and pepper. Although seeing as I used a red pepper, it left a sweet after taste. In a previous recipe I used a medium sized tomato and again it was delish.

Here's what you need;

two medium oranges (try to cut as much of the peel off without loosing the white bits)
one medium/large carrot (ends chopped off)
1/3-1/2 a red pepper
and one tomato if you want (in this recipe I haven't)

With my juicer, you only have to cut the ingredients up into large segments (check your instructions, it may differ depending on the make). If they are too small they don't really blend/press/juice down as well (that's what I've found at least).

I first start by juicing the more water based ingredients such as the pepper and tomato then I added in my carrot. Finally adding in the orange segments. Once all has been juiced give your drink a stir. Sometimes it can separate. And viola, a scrummy, healthy drink. Plus with the quantity I used there is no wastage.

It would be great to hear of some other juices that you guys have tried. Let me know in the comments below…


N.B. juicer - Juicing Jack (spanish make I believe and found at a car boot - look on ebay for some great options if you want to try juicing)