Sunday, 30 December 2012

...One Lucky Girl...

I believe I did a post like this last year and have rarely done one since. But all the gifts I received this year were wonderful and were everything I asked for. From the black boots and Cheryl Cole book on my wislist to a whole collection of wonderful bath stuff.

This year has made me one very lucky girl and I am very grateful for all that has been bestowed to me. There have been some turbulent times this year but for the most part things have been very positive. Now I have post lined up to talk more about the achievements and joys of 2012; here I wanted to show you just a few items I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. Those vouchers have already been put to good use with acquiring things for the flat and a new 2013 diary. Unfortunately I could not get hold of the Frankie journal but I was able to purchase a wonderful Moleskin journal, which in my eyes are just the most perfect creation in the stationary world. More on those items later. Yes I know another haul post.

Have a wonderful Sunday...


Friday, 28 December 2012

...Mistletoe and Wine...

Much joy and fun has been had this Christmas and I have been enjoying my time away from the internet. Although my Instagram has been slightly more frequent than usual. James and I spent Christmas together this year, just us two in our new (now old flat). Boxing day was spent at my mum's, where round 2 of turkey eating began. We had our tree, decorations and food ready for celebrating one of my favourite times of the year. I never realised how stressful preparing oneself for Christmas could be. Even though I would only be cooking for two people, thinking about how much food would be needed, timings and making sure everything was perfect took a lot out of me. Now I fully appreciate all the effort my parents go to when they celebrate Christmas. 

My outfit this year was one of the prettiest dresses I own. A pink, floral, girly number that poofs out at the waist, paired with my fave slippers. I really wanted the day to be special, so I made sure we both dressed nicely and took our time opening presents, having a long breakfast and watching lots of crappy Christmas T.V. I will be doing a post later about new items and what I managed to bag during the sales. Although I was out shopping today and find it all very overwhelming and stressful. It is hard to think and see what you want with all the crowds.

I took lots of pictures during the day, mostly via Instagram and here are few for you all. I hope your days of festive joy were lovely and that your New Years is just as memorable...


Thursday, 20 December 2012

...Twinkle Twinkle...

I may be going overboard here with the Christmas themed posts but I took so many photos over the past two weeks that I just want to get them up here. Show you all the wonderful delights London's hidden streets have to offer before the world decidedly ends tomorrow. 

Instead of heading down Oxford street and dealing with the hoards of people, my mum and I decided to follow the back streets and what a delight we stumbled upon. Walking past the hidden Gentleman's clubs, little boutiques and the wonderful Christian Louboutin was amazing. The Christmas decorations were very simple and delicate and just wonderful to look at. The most thrilling for me was the famous red sole Christmas tree and the ginger bread house. Original and unassuming and different. What's more you could take the time to admire the shop windows without being jostled around by passers by.

Perfect way to end an evening, aimlessly strolling along and enjoying what your city has too offer.


Sunday, 16 December 2012

...South Bank Markets...

A few weekends ago, I met up with my very good friends from university for a catch up lunch and stroll around the German Market stalls on South Bank. Cheese tasting, mulled wine and chocolate covered nuts, perusing hand made treats I think is the best way to spend a cold, sunny afternoon.

South Bank is amazing, and one of my favourite places to go when home in London. Lots of great places to eat, shop and of course you cannot beat the National Theatre. I am most definitely recommending you all visiting next week before Christmas if you're struggling to get into the festive spirit...


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

...I've been an Awful Good Girl...

Another little list I've been putting together. I find it very helpful to keep track of the things I've been coveting. I always forget otherwise and end up missing out on them. But then maybe they were never that special to begin with, and to be fair, the limited space we have in our flat needs to left alone.

Anyway, whilst reading some of my fave blogs, I came across this book, 'Blog Inc' and it looks amazing. So insightful and helpful. Also, it may seem silly but I really want to read 'Cheryl'. After watching her programme a few weeks ago, I was suddenly interested in learning more about her. Plus autobiographies are always fun to read. Again I have featured some fashion items. These studded loafers and knee high black boots. These two items have been lusted over for months now. Am hoping to find some good deals in the sales over new years. Finally, I love photographs and when reading reviews on this book, the images are stunning. Such an icon and wonderfully talented, 'Audrey' will be greatly cherished and loved.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

...Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Well, I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. Our tree is up and already filled with gifts. The stockings are hung and the scented candles are burning. Love it. 

Last weekend to help bring on the festive joy, my mum and I headed up into London, bracing the cold weather and the crowds of Oxford street to discover the wonder of Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. And yes, we were very much in the festive spirit, with plenty of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. Mmmmm, I get all warm and fuzz just thinking about it. The one issue I had with Winter Wonderland was at how packed it was. There was not much room to move freely around and that made it slightly harder to take everything in. Apart from that, the Austrian Beer-house we found was amazing. Music and drink. Perfect. That is most definitely the place to hang out with a group of your mates on a cold afternoon. Was so much fun. The band was great. They got everyone singing and dancing. 

If you have yet to visit, please do. There is plenty to see and do there, such as the magical ice kingdom. It's free entry and you do not have to go on the rides. I personally enjoyed walking around, looking at the stalls, than standing around in queues. On our way back to the station, we took a detour through the back streets round Oxford Street and found some absolutely beautiful shop decorations (more on that in a later post - needed their own dedication). There is something magical about simple, delicate sparkling lights. They make everything so pretty.

Hope you have all started to feel Christmasy and that the ever daunting Christmas shopping will be stress-free...


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

...Frosty Mornings...

Falmer duck pond is fast becoming one of my favourite places in Sussex. Wonderful views, especially in the these colder months, where you can see the frost on the pond glistening in the sun. The ducks gently swimming in the water. On a recent trip out with the kids from work, I couldn't help snapping away to get some truly lovely pictures...