Friday, 26 October 2012

...A Tough Time...

Another hiatus but no apologies this time. It happens but it doesn't mean I don't care about my blog. Been having a tough time recently and I want this space on the internet to be a positive place for me. That's one of the reasons why I don't post when I am feeling down. A personal choice and to be fair, most of the people who read my blog and who's blog I read, are strangers and sometimes it's hard to fully show your true self to strangers. I read a really interesting post a moment a go that got me thinking about the reasons why we bloggers do what we do. Posting personal thoughts, outfits and thoughts to strangers. Take a look here. She has a wonderful blog that plays host to some delicious recipes too.

Here are some shots of a lovely night out in Brighton on Tuesday. A catch up dinner with a very good of friend mine. Definitely the perfect person to 'dump' your thoughts onto. My friend took some pictures of me. Some good some bad but was good fun anyways. If you ever find yourself in Brighton, check out Pompoko. My favourite spot to hang out and eat some great Japanese food. It is seriously amazing. Plus you can take in your own drinks. 

Am going home to visit mumma tomorrow and we are going to 007. Cannot wait. Going to me a great evening. Dinner and cinema. Will feed back on the film. But good things I'm hoping.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

...Sunday Lunch...

...chicken, ham, mushroom pie...

With a dish full of leftover chicken from yesterday's roast, I called my mum and asked what I could do with it. Waste not, want not. Never having cooked a pie before, she suggested why don't I give it go. Seeing as I had mushroom soup already and the chicken, why not do a chicken pie.

So here you have it. I don't have exact measurements for you and as this is not a food blog, I'm kinda just wining it here. Here goes...


Can of mushroom soup (I had a standard cream of mushroom, nothing fancy)
Cooked pieces of chicken (obviously mine was from a roast, but you can probably get some chicken breasts, cook them, then slice into smaller pieces)
Chopped, sliced ham
Chopped, fresh mushrooms,
Garlic (I used roughly two cloves, but I really like garlic, so it depends on your taste)
Oxo cube (chicken flavoured)
Shortcrust pastry
Small/medium ceramic dish

Firstly I melted a small amount of butter in a pan with the crushed garlic. I then added my freshly chopped mushrooms, then my chopped ham. I had this on relatively medium heat as not to burn the food. Once that was ready, I added the chicken to warm it up. I turned the heat down at this point. I put a little bit of boiling water with a crushed Oxo cube to create a stock. Then added some salt and pepper.

Before this, I made sure my pastry was ready to go. I broke off enough that would cover the top of my dish. I rolled it out flat. Not to thin but not too thick, as it won't cook and be too 'gloopy' (technical term there).

So, once my filling was ready I added the canned soup and then poured the whole mixture into my dish and covered it with my pastry, creating a little bit of decoration with the leftover pieces of pastry. Whilst I was doing that, I made sure my oven was nice and hot. Our oven is super quick and hot, so I had the temp at just over 100 degrees Celsius. Again you'll need to adapt to your own situation.

I left the pie to cook for 25-30 minutes, making sure it was piping hot. Add some mash and green beans, and you're good to go. Such a simple recipe that took 10 minutes to prepare and then 30 minutes to cook. It was yummy and deliciously scrumptious as you can tell from the pictures.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my take on a chicken pie, and if you've never made one feel a little bit more comfortable in giving it a go. It really was so easy and simple to make. Perfect way to end a pretty good weekend in my books.


Friday, 19 October 2012

...Nine Black Alps...

As mentioned in my previous post, I went to an awesome gig on Tuesday night. I had seen this band during my final year of Uni. So a good three years ago. Nine Black Alps were introduced to me by a very good friend of mine and I loved them. Who doesn't like a bit of grunge to liven up your day, 'ey?

With a career spanning ten years, Nine Black Alps have come back and are sounding better than ever. Their music is very reminiscent of Nirvana and the classic grunge bands of the early '90s. The venue was amazing. Intimate but big enough to get a great atmosphere and vibe flowing. Hidden down under Brighton Station The Green Door is known to hold alternative nights out, and it is a shame I did not discover this venue until after I left university. But such is life. I have been to a couple of gigs there now and the sound quality is really good. Loud enough not to pierce your ear-drums.

Its a very 'cool' place. Wooden floors, barrels for tables and metal stools for sitting. A simple but interesting place, with bizarre objects hanging from the walls. All keeping in line with the gritty, underground feel.

Most of my images come from my phone. Was easier to take pictures whilst bouncing and dancing around. Towards the end of the gig, the crowd really began to unwind and an intimate mosh pit erupted  Not a crazy, arm swinging, face smashing pit but all embracing, hugging kind of pit. Was enjoyable to watch. 


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

...What I've been Wearing...

Bit of a lame post here. But I've liked what I've been wearing recently and would like to know your thoughts. Mostly work outfits, some day outfits and a couple of evening outfits. Have had a lovely couple of days recently. My trip to Wales was so much fun. Lots of dancing and drinking. The coach journey there and back was, honestly, not that bad. Comfortable coach. No stops. Able to sleep. Would definitely do it again. Unfortunately there are no pictures to show. I mostly used my 35mm camera so have have to wait for the film to finish and then have it developed. Exciting times.

Went to a gig last night (and I do have pictures to show you of that). A post to come soon. Need a little editing.

So, back to my original reason for posting this morning. Hope you like the outfits and thoughts are welcome.


Friday, 12 October 2012

...Coach Trip...

This maybe slightly premature of me, but from tomorrow I will be travelling, via coach, up to Wales to a lovely weekend sending my friend off to America in style. Here is a little snippet of what I will be wearing. Yes I have already packed. That's what I meant by premature, ha! But it's so agonising trying to figure out what I need to take and what I will be wearing, especially as we will be going out in the evening. Planning is a must.

The journey up and back I will wear the same outfit so that's pretty easy to figure out. Evening attire took some more thought. Finally I narrowed it down to one outfit. Usually I pack like four to be safe, but I feel happy with this choice. Plus it means I have made sure my luggage is light and easy to carry around. Yay!

So blogging will resume Sunday evening, with a weekly round of images. Hopefully I will have lots to tell and show after the weekend.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

...Hey Stud!...

Just a quick post this evening, as I have a major announcement. If you have not already noticed or been made aware of, Glamorous are holding an amazing competition over facebook. Click the link and you have the opportunity to win a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Spiked boots. Amazing right? Go over now and click away...


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

...And the Bells Rang Out...

Here they are, my greatly condensed bunch of photographs from my cousin's wedding over the past weekend. It took some time in choosing which photos to post and what images would give you the best representation of the occasion. Hopefully these do the job. Well fingers crossed. The bride looked absolutely wonderful. Her dress was stunning. The table decorations were adorable and wonderfully cute. The flower arrangement and colours used complemented each other so well. Of course I had to take pictures of it all.

It was such a great day, with lots of laughter, delicious food and some even better red wine. There was the occasional dancing, or bad dancing shall I say. But what's a wedding without some bad dancing? The wedding began in the afternoon and lasted until midnight. So not too much of a late night. Got my required hours that allow me to function the next day, ha!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

...When I was a Youngster...

Jacket - Handmade/Charity shop, Top - Charity shop, Trousers - H&M, Shoes - Jasper Conran (House of Fraser), Necklace - Primark

Five days since my last post. Not good in my books. Over the past weekend I attended a family wedding. It was so much fun getting together with my family. Especially as we do not see each other much. I will post wedding photos later as I took over a hundred images and have been struggling to decide which ones to put up. Instead I have decided to post my outfit from the day's festivities. Please excuse some of the poses and facial expressions. A small amount of red wine had been consumed by that point, ha!

I wore my favourite trousers from H&M with two of the best charity shops finds ever. A handmade, lace jacket and a fitted, linen, button up back top, with a peplum bottom. The necklace is just amazing and jazzes up any top I have in my wardrobe. Perfect accessory in my book. I've missed getting all dressed up fancy and what-not. The ritual of putting 'the face' on, wearing heels and 'boogying' on down. It's nice to indulge once in a while. 

My brother actually looked rather 'dapping' himself. Rocking the stripes. He took great care in his outfit and it did pay off.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

...Groggy Times...

Am currently nursing a bad cold and feeling pretty groggy right now. Here are some delights of my past week for you feast on. Snippets of daily routines and mostly food. Ha!