Tuesday, 31 July 2012

...Out on the Allotment...

What does one do when the sun is shining? Head out and up into the allotments of Brighton. At least that is what James and I did yesterday afternoon. We headed over to his grandparents for lunch then had a mooch up into their allotment to enjoy some of the good weather that is gracing the South coast. Please excuse the windy swept look on my face in the second picture, ha!

It is so lovely up there. Quiet, peaceful and full of gorgeous flowers, not forgetting the yummy, fresh fruit and veg. The views are also amazing. You can see right across Brighton from the pier to the marina. Stunning, especially on a good clear day like yesterday.

Later we came home to enjoy the highlights of the Olympics. I am really enjoying it this year. Especially the gymnastics. Always love the gymnastics. What are your favourite events to watch?


Monday, 30 July 2012

...Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...

It seems that Worthing has come alive since Summer has arrived. It has turned into a proper seaside town. Fun fair, fĂȘtes, market stalls, mini music festivals, it is never ending. The weather has been holding out as well, which is really nice as I've just started my week off from work. Would be a shame if the rain returned the moment I could enjoy being out on the beach and in the sea. 

Yesterday the festivities continued with a car show at Stein Gardens. A collection of vintage and modern cars gathered to display their grandeur and beauty. I love vintage cares especially. The elegant designs remind me of an era of style, sophistication and road trips down dirt track roads. I could not miss the opportunity to photograph these cars. I loved the light whilst taking my pictures, so as usual I have left them unedited, which may seem controversial but I much prefer capturing and keeping that moment in tact. They had an old school diner set up as well, but it was designed within a massive truck. Loved it. Fitted the event perfectly.

I think it is really nice that there is so much going on in Worthing, which in turn makes you want to explore and see what your local area has to offer. What is even better, for the next two weeks they have kept the giant screen in the town square that showed the opening ceremony up to televise the Olympics. Not bad really.


Sunday, 29 July 2012

...Flowers of Beach House Park...

As soon as the weather turned into a mini heatwave, I've been taken the opportunities to spend as much of my spare time outside. Last weekend was no exception. We took a little picnic to one of the local parks in Worthing, Beach House Park. Such a lovely park with the most beautiful of flowers. My camera was most spoilt with all the pictures I could take.


Saturday, 28 July 2012

...Opening Night...

I think we all know what went on last night, judging by the twitter and facebook feeds it wasn't hard. Finally the day had arrived, the Opening Ceremony. I thought it was fabulous and truly original. Danny Boyle did an absolutely marvellous job. Everything seemed to have been thought about from the volunteers, to the people who helped build the Olympic Park and to all the nations who have gathered in London to compete. 

I can honestly say that watching last night made me feel proud to be part of a nation that has achieved so much. We may be small but when I witnessed all the things Great Britain had done condensed down into the show last night, I was blown away. I never knew that the World Wide Web was created here, that we had held the Games twice before. Our music legacy, children's literacy, Shakespeare, the Industrial Revolution, the NHS (don't knock it) and that we were the first to have introduce sport as an educational tool. 

The passing of the Olympic flame at the end made me cry, not going to lie. Was such a lovely touch, having the younger generation pass the flame on, and the petals (that each of the competing nations carried in) which rose and formed a giant cauldron was stunning. As James had gone out last night I pretty much spent most of the night on speaker phone with my mum and brother. It made the evening all the more special as this is the kind of thing we've have always sat down and watched as family. 

During the show I wandered out into the town square of Worthing and saw that they had a huge screen televising the whole show. It was really cool seeing people sat out at 12am on the floor. Of course I had to take some pictures. Was a lovely sight.


Friday, 27 July 2012

...Worthing Sunsets...

The ever changing pink skies of the south coast...


Monday, 23 July 2012

...Funfair, Fanfair...

Worthing funfair during the late afternoon. The sounds, the rides, the screams of young adolescences trying to show off at who's the bravest. 


Sunday, 22 July 2012

...Music Acoustic...

The first act to play at the Coast, Menagerie evening on Thursday was a very talented guitarist named Jamie Turner. He played a simple set, with just his voice and guitar. Very unassuming and easy to listen to. He was charming and mixed the sound of his set from folky to indie, to sometimes a country vibe. There was a melancholic tone to his songs that bought an honesty to his performance. 

His technical ability was brilliant. Flowing easily from notes to chords, demonstrating a honed craft and passion for what he does.

To check out more of his music please visit his Myspace page and see what he has to offer.

On another note here is the outfit that I wore. One of my new dresses I bought when up at my dad's over Easter. First time I've worn it since buying. Bad I know, ha!


...Coast: Menagerie...

Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a local open mic night, at a new haunt James had found out about in Worthing. Situated along the sea front, down past the Pier, you will find Coast cafe. A small intimate dining, musical, art studio feast for your eyes. Rustic wooden tables, theatre chairs for seats and burning incense add to the bohemian feel of the place. Residing next door were some lovely art studios housing local artists. Will definitely be going back there to have a nosy round.

However, that night we came check out Menagerie and hopefully witness some good music. Unfortunately we only really liked the first act. Not that the others weren't good, just not to our liking. That was a shame, but it didn't stop us from enjoying the evening anyway. Plus it was a good excuse for me to get out my camera and practice more of my photography. After the first act we went and sat outside on the beach and enjoyed the sunset. How romantic, ha!

If you ever find yourself in Worthing, or live in the West Sussex area, head on over to Coast. Even if it is for a afternoon luncheon, or a morning cup of coffee and pastry. The owner is such a nice guy, very welcoming and can keep you updated with the events happening.

In my next post I will talk more about the act that really interested me.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

...Photo Diary...

A photographic update of life in Worthing...


Friday, 20 July 2012

...The Maxi...

Skirt - Charity Shop, Shirt - Charity Shop, Shoes - TK Maxx

Went on a really interesting course today for work with my manager and owner of the nursery I work at. Lots of changes that need to be made and new strategies that need to be implemented. I'm going to be helping with those changes and am very excited by the prospect of being given more responsibility. 

As I was not working with the children today, I felt my outfit could reflect that. I wore an oversized silk shirt, and  a floaty maxi skirt. Very cooling and easy. Clothes that blow in the wind are a must, I think, when it comes to muggy, sticky weather. Unfortunately I have now changed out of that outfit as it started to rain and put some comfier trousers on.

Have a couple of posts lined for this weekend. One being of a night me and James attended last night. Interesting and amusing are two words that spring to my mind. Tonight a group of us are heading off to the cinema to see the new Batman, and I cannot wait. When it comes to comic book films, I'm a bit of a geek. Ha!