Saturday, 28 April 2012

...Soaring High...

Friday proved to be a very lovely day if a little windy. We took to the pier where I could snap away at the flying Seagulls. A tragedy happened not too long into our little trip. My camera strap broke and my camera dropped to the floor, where now my lenses has been damaged. Boo. Luckily it was only the kit lense but still a damaged lense is not good.

Thankfully the manual focus still works, but will definitely by needing a new lense. Bound to happen at some point. Hopefully the pictures I took there after have turned out okay. We wandered round the pier and had a little play inside the arcade. I love'd the colours of all the old machines. So vibrant and powerful.

I wore a very simple outfit. I wanted Friday afternoon to be a photography afternoon. Haven't done one of those in a long time and it felt really nice. There are more pictures up on my Flickr account. Just click on the link in my 'contact me' section at the top of my blog.

Unfortunetly the rain has returned but James and I have a lovely afternoon watching films and hanging out.


Friday, 27 April 2012

...The End Commeth...

...Or that's what it feels like at the present moment with all this rain. Where has it all come from? The heavens hath opened. Fortunetly today has been glorious thus far. Sun and mildly warm. Beautiful, although shame it could not have been like this, this past week. The children at work have been extremely patient and undestanding of not being able to go out during the day. I always feel so bad, but it means they get to explore more resources and do more activities and games.

Flowers have been blooming all over the shop and the light has been truly magical. I could not help myself in taking pictures of some blossoming Tulips. Here are also a few outfit snaps of previous outfits. My blogging and inspiration for fashion has been slighten dampened (no pun intended) this week. Tired and due to the weather, big coats and wellies leave very little to the imagination of styling. Ha!

Have a great weekend and hope we all get a bit more sun before the rain falls again. I'm off for a stroll round town, maybe a cream tea and then hopefully some yoga to ease my mind...


Sunday, 22 April 2012

...Colours Run Like Water...

A small insight my sketching and painting. Some new additions to my mole skin journal. You'll notice a cupcake theme running through these past posts. Oh well gotta love them...


Saturday, 21 April 2012

...Floral Madness...

I'm really going for it with the floral print at the moment. Whether its my new trousers, or on my shirts or my shoes. What can I say, on grim days wearing florals helps to brighten up my day. Making things more colourful and enjoyable. Also with the kind of work I do, wearing colourful clothes helps to make my work outfits more inspiring. Especially when, by the end of the day they are covered in food and children's snot. Eeeww, indeed.

At this current moment I am writing posts, painting and watching James watch the snooker, whilst the weather decides if it wants to be sunny or wet. Shame really as when its bright and sunny, it is glorious down here in Worthing. Summer cannot come sooner enough. I have got some outfits just waiting to displayed to the world; however, they are taking a back seat with my jeans, trainers, jumper combo I am currently rocking.

Oh well. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend and that the weather does not dampen your moods or wardrobe for that matter...


P.S I am thinking about making some space for sponsors on my blog. If this is something that appeals to you please get in touch via my contact details. I'm still working things out but it would be nice to know if there is any interest. Thank you all kindly.

Friday, 20 April 2012

...A Big Foodie...

Food is definitely a love of mine. If I didn't watch what I was eating and work out on regular occassions, then I would be in trouble. I'm a big girl at heart. James took me too this lovely English diner by the Worthing seaside, which I took my friend to over the weekend, and the food is amazing. Good burgers and deliciously huge cream teas...with proper clotted cream. Bliss.

What better way to sooth a sweet tooth after a savoury feast is with none other than cupcakes. So here are some more of my cupcake pictures.

Also included are some more Spring-like nails. Am really getting into my nail art and trying out different styles. Nail wraps are perfect for someone who does not have a steady hand.

Have been extremely tired from work this week, so apologies if posting has been sparodic. I am working on two more serious kinds of posts over the weekend for next week. I hope you like them.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

...Cupcakes for Afternoon Tea...

My lovely friend from London came and stayed with me over the weekend, and it was so much fun and relaxing. We shopped, ate delicious food, cinema'd and went for a Sunday run with some yoga thrown in for good measure. Such a pleasurable weekend enjoyed by all, or at least I hope so. I find living down in Worthing now, making the time for my friends back in London so is important, and it is vital I keep my connections there.

Here are a few snaps of my weekend. I have found this typically, quaint, English seaside diner. They do the most tastiest milkshakes. Mmm yummy. I have also found a wonderful cupcake place, called 'Park Life', to keep my sweet-tooth at bay.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

...Spring Colours...

A collection of what I've been wearing recently these past few weeks. I have some posts lined up for the coming week. A review, outfit posts and a general day-to-day post.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

...Sailor Taylor...

I feel this top is very 'sailorish' and would be perfect for a yacht trip. I paired the top with my blue skinnies and floral shoes. Simple and easy is what I'm after at the moment. Am finding some great items in the chairty shops that are really perfect for Spring and Summer. Also means I'm saving a few pennies along the way.

Took a trip up into London to see the Damien Hirst exhibition yesterday with my good friend, Tom. I will be writing up my thoughts on a review post. All I'm saying though is that it was very interesting.

Got a great weekend coming up. My friend is coming to stay for the weekend and cannot wait to see her.

Hope all of your weekends have got off to a flying start...


Saturday, 7 April 2012

...Good Friday...

I actually did not get around to having any hotcross buns yesterday. Completely forgot. I did however make some yummy giant chocolate cookies. Very proud of myself.

I spent most of yesterday just chilling out relaxing. Trying to catch up on sleep and get myself back on track. Feeling good today, so that's a positive. James and I are attempting our very first roast. I know they are traditionally for Sundays, but he is working tomorrow so we are having it today. The kitchen smells delicious, and fingers crossed that means the food tastes yummy.

Recently I have been putting together inspiration scrap pages. Cuttings from magazines of colours and styles that interest me. I find it helpful in keeping my creative juices flowing.