Saturday, 31 March 2012


Thursday was a great night. Ghostpoet, who I have just been introduced to by my good friend Natalie, is any amazing lyrical song writer. His music is a culmination of trip-hop, chillout, tribal funk and some garage. In all fairness I have no idea how to describe his music or what genre he falls into. So hear is a video of one my favourite songs from the night, 'Liines'.

All I know is that I had never had so much fun at a gig before. His music is chilled and I felt I could really relate to what he was saying, especially with his soung 'Survive It'. The gig was intimate and small and we had the best view being near the front. I find being near the front, the atmosphere is greater as you bounce off the vibes of the other audience members. The best thing about the whole evening was that it was a free gig. Great music at the expense of nothing, brilliant.

Here are my photographs from the evening. Not many as for the first time ever, I was caught up in the moment and in the songs and completely forgot about my camera.

Enjoy the song and hopefully my pictures...


Thursday, 29 March 2012

...Floral Passion...

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen the tweet on my excitement at finally having obtained the H&M floral trousers. Since their release I have been searching after them, with no avail. Always sizes too big and never in stock. But the other day, when I saw they had a new batch of stock in the store, and the trousers had been pushed further back, I found plenty and even better in my size. It was fate, destiny and they were begging me to buy them. And guess what...I did.

They are lovely, bright but not too garish. The detailing is perfect and the colours work well with most things I have in wardrobe. I paired my burgandy, scalloped edge top with them and wore them yesterday to work. They were comfortable and forgiving. Working with children I bend down alot, so there needed to be 'give' at the knees. I just love my new trousers. 

The weather is still glorious here, sun shining and the flowers blooming. I feel very positve and motivated. Tonight I am going to a gig in Brighton, Ghostpoet. Very much excited about this. Some trip-hop garage style. And then tomorrow it's the weekend and pay-day. This week has been a good week.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

...Photo Diary...

I generally do not like editing my photos as I like to have them as completely true to 'real' life. However, as the sun has been so bright recently I have found my pictures too hazy and washed out, rather than the clear colours I've been seeing. So sometimes I have to take the bullet and just edited them.


Monday, 26 March 2012

...Do You Want to go to The Seaside...

Friday was a glorious day. The weather has been gorgeous and we made the most of it by going to the beach (now only 2 minutes from out flat) and then having some cream tea. There is still a chill in the air, so I wore a light jumper to go with my midi skirt and bare legs. Bare legs! Ah I know, I can finally begin to get some much needed sun on them. They are looking rather on the pasty side.

I love my pale pink midi. A simple, sweet colour and the perfect length. And a steal at less than a fiver from a local charity shop. I did not see the point in paying a ridiculous amount of money for something my grandmas wore that you can find in charity shops. 

I do love the sea. The smell, the taste of salt in the air and the sounds of waves. Beautiful. It's also one of my favourite things to photograph. There is so much texture, angles and people to look at.

Happy Monday!


Friday, 23 March 2012

...The Sun Has His Hat...

Yay, internet has finally been activated in our new flat. Didn't know what to do with myself this past week without it. Shame really, as if I'm completely honest it has been a welcome breather. So of course I haven't been able to blog.

But luckily for you who have stuck with me, I have a some snaps of my outfits this week and will resume normal blogging from this afternoon. I have been super busy with moving and sorting out all my stuff. Feels so nice to be in our own place. Right next to the seafront and in the hub of town. Listening to the hustle and bustle of life. 

Had a lovely stroll down to the beach this morning and then a spot of cream tea and a wander round town. Now just have to hoover for my friends before the come and hang out. Hope your weekends have started on a good footing. Nice to be back to the blogging world. 


Monday, 12 March 2012

...Busy Times Ahead...

I have been terrible lately with my blogging. However, I have been super busy with gettting ready for the big move this weekend. So excited and nervous and stressed all at the same time. Pretty much all my stuff, furniture and clothes are now at Jame's ready to move. Seriously underestimated how much I had. Although to be fair most of it is furniture and stuff for the kitchen. Denial my mum calls this.

Here is a small outfit post of what I wore today. Boring, simple and easy as I was at work this morning and then spent the rest of day walking around Worthing, Goring and Tarring searching for a bed and sofa. The bed can now be safely ticked off that list. Hurrah!!! Converse are a go-to favourite of mine and worn down the better. I am one of these people that think Converse and most trainers look better when worn down and 'grungified'.

Can't believe that come this Sunday I will be waking up in my own flat. Our own place. Ahh bliss. Not much else has happened, apart from being asked to do some more filming. More on that later, and a girly meet up with my friends. Again more on that. Am knackered now after packing and moving this weekend. Was very happy to see the sun shining, so walking around this afternoon made things easier...


Monday, 5 March 2012

...Sunshine Glory...

Has gotten pretty chilly again but that has not stopped the sun from shining and it was such a beautiful day today. Hung out with James grandparents up on their allotment. Went for a run. Slowly getting back into it. Taking a while. If I can do one more session this week I will be happy. Build it up slowly Emma. Here are some outfit pics quickly taken on my phone. My camera was out of battery. I was kind of colourful in my styling today. I seem to dress according to the weather. I think most people do really.

Hope your week has started off on a good footing...