Sunday, 31 July 2011

...I want Candy...

no words today just pictures. think they say it all. my new love...

beautiful no? she finally, yes i'm gender-specifying a bag here, arrived the other week. not the colour originally asked for but, still a free bag. not going to complain. there's a tiny mark on the side, thats why they were being given free in a competition, and i do not care. it's my first ever designer bag. eek...


Thursday, 28 July 2011


took a little trip with james to a local golf course in worthing. whilst him and his dad swung some shots, i went around taking pictures. the sun was setting and this beautiful pink light was descending on the sky. i also took the time to take an ickle outfit post, waeringm y new lovely 'i heart motel' t'shirt. given generously in the motel goodie bag from the brum bloggers meet. alongside this, there are few shots of my new and favourite ring. so chunky and i love the turquoise stone. cheepo in the online h&m sale. enjoy...


Monday, 25 July 2011

...Brum Blogger(s) Meetup...

what a weekend. so much fun. met some amazing people and had a blast. really did. thanks so much to fritha and claire for arranging the whole thing. i spent the time getting to know some fabulous ladies, who i'm sure i will be staying in constant contact with. gem, gem, emma, sara, rebecca, fritha and claire, are all girls that like to have fun and party hard. the best part was, and am not sure if to feel proud of this, was that i won best drunk of the whole weekend. hmmmm. i can be a maniac when i drink, but its all fun and games. the weekend began with us all meeting, having various pictures taken with our goodie bags (thanks missguided, motel and max c) (also separate pics of those later), then separating off in different groups to either go shopping or enjoy the gorgoeus weather with a few drinks.

i headed off with some of the girls to hunt for some vintage bargains, as birmingham is so much cheaper than london. defo left with some good finds. a t'shirt for a quid and some desert, style suede boots. not bad. all of us then met up for dinner in red pepper at the mailbox. what can i say, some tasty food right there. the whole group pretty much took over the bottom level, and were politely asked to leave quickly as we took up so much room. well done to claire for counting all that money.

some of the girls only came for the day, which is shame as i would of love to have gone out with everyone. lucky the girls who did make it out, were all staying in the same hotel as myself and gem (fatfrocks). so we got dolled up, drank some cheap booze and headed down to the hmv institute. free entry, £2.80 for a double mixer now that's what i call a good night out. we danced the night away and didn't get in 'till dawn. everyone looked fab. the next morning wasn't feeling too great but the mighty weatherspoons provided the much needed hungover juice.

i so want to meet up with you all again and canny wait for the reunion, if there is one. thanks to everyone who made it such a fab weekend. and thank you for not judging but embracing the 'crazy/drunk' emma.


Friday, 22 July 2011

...Down by the Lock...

what a lovely day i have had. sun was out in all its glory.  lunch with old work mates then hanging out down by the lock in camden with friends from uni, georgia and sophie. plus bought myself a little treat from h&m. just a standard stripy t'shirt. of course i took some pictures to document my day out. what kind of blog would this be without imagery. if you ever find yourself in camden check out the cuban bar down in the lock. 2 for 1 cocktails, can't beat that.

am also very excited about this weekend, as i think i have yet to tell you what i will be doing. a few weeks back i signed up to go on a bloggers meet up in birmingham and am now very nervous. i will be meeting loads of lovely ladies and get the chance to make some new blogger friends. again i will let you all know how i get on, as well as having a post lined up whilst away. hopefully it will post when scheduled. let me know if any of you are going to the birmingham meet up, as it would be lovely to meet you.


Thursday, 21 July 2011


this week has been rather odd. from being let go last week, i have had a lot of time to think about the direction of my life, and what i really want. i think this has been figured out now. i'm not gonna feel sad for myself on here. this is not what my blog is for.

so this week, i have had a few shifts back at pixies, the nursery i worked for in third year of uni. james and i also went to the military airfield museum in tangmere. was actually rather interesting, and i managed to get some pictures. although i was told off after  a while. the stewards are funny about flash photography inside the main section. undertandably as the pictures can be used in books and magazines. the planes themselves were stunning. lovely colours. i'm not sure my photography skills do them justice.

was nice just spending some quality time with james. have spent all week together. hanging around in town. meeting for dinner, museum trips and general larking about. tomorrow i am heading into london to meet some people from work for lunch and also, possibly to get my nose pierced. we will see about that.


Wednesday, 20 July 2011


little bit of my life thus far. like doing this update via instagrams. snippets of day to day musings.