Saturday, 30 April 2011


this is a bit of a lame filler post. feel like i'm getting out of touch with blogging. haven't been up to much apart from working. so when these two bank holidays rolled up i used the time to just chill. such a bore i know. but i have finished 'eat pray love', which surprising was a good read. made me desparately want to travel. maybe one day, who knows. i recommend. definitely one to read on holiday. easy, not taxing on the mind.

this weekend i spent a fair bit of money on books. mostly because i feel reading feeds my soul. nourishes me and helps me with my vocabulary. being dyslexic i don't have a wide variety of vocab and find it difficult to find the right words to explain or describe things. reading is really beneficial in my understanding of grammar. at this precise moment i have currently started jack kerouac's 'on the road'. it's a book i've wanted to read for a while now. have given 'dr zhivago' a rest. too depressing. heavy going that book.  mentally and physically demanding. will pcik it up again soon. but i felt something lighter was needed.

thinking of going out tonight with james. not sure though. we such an old couple. we've got all comfy with cups of tea; me with my books and him with his snooker. so we'll see how the evening pans out. a few of his mates are heading into brighton. gives me an excuse to wear my new dress i picked up today. will post pics of it soon.

have a good eve everyone in whatever you choose to do.


Thursday, 28 April 2011


another image for you. it takes me a while to find images that inspire me. i have particular tastes and ideas of what makes me go 'wow, that's an amazing picture.' but i am going to keep going with my own images, and i want you guys to be honest. i feel i am really benefiting from your comments. constructive criticism is welcome. so this image is very old. it was when i first started experimenting with digital photography.

it is one of my faves that i have saved on my computer. it's very amateurish but it was a start. editing it i tried to dilute the colours a little but keep the contrast and brightness heavy. i thought it gave it some kind of impact.

what do you think?


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

...London meet up...

now i may not have many followers but i feel very blessed when people leave such nice comments. it's pretty sweet to know my posting is having an impact. thank you all so much.

now, i would love to meet my fellow bloggers, especially the london ones. i missed out on the last event and am not too sure on how to find out about them. so, i thought i would do a post seeing if anyone, from london and blogs, fancies arranging a meet up. the weather is beginning to brighten up. nothing too specific. afternoon tea/picnic or a few cheeky drinks in a local bar. up to you.

if this tickles any one fancies just drop me a comment here or email. if not oh well, no harm in trying.

night night.


...Things I Like...

here are a few items i have been saving in my likes folder. a few pieces i may buy with my pay check this month. only two days till i get paid. i'm gonna wait for james and i to book our trip away first. might not have much left after that. but like all us girls say, there's nothing wrong with wishing and hoping. i saw this dress below on eleonore's blog earlier and completely feel for it. the bright blue with the nipped in waist is just lovely.

ASOS dress - perfect for summer

another pair of forever21 wedges
here a couple more of some blogs that i love reading...

love this blog. reading or looking through her images inspires me to illustrate. helps me keep my motivation up. they are such delicate and intricate drawings. beautiful and stunning to look at.

2) Vicky:

her blog is so cute and adorable. lovely vintage style. her weekly sunday morning posts are a welcome change. really interesting to read and makes me wanna research more about the topic she has chosen to write about.


Monday, 25 April 2011

...It's a baby...

had a delightful day today. after all the eating and stuffing my face from yesterday, had a more chilled day. ate left overs and munched on chocolate. me and my mumma also went to visit a little man who is new to this world. one of her very best friends has recently, three weeks ago, had a baby. baby luka. he is so cute and absolutely adorable. i was really nervous about holding him. new born babies are so delicate and vulnerable but eventually i relaxed into it and he was fine. he kept making these cute, snuffly noises and when he hicups, oh my god; no words to describe how sweet it is.

it was marvellous. we all had bubbly to celebrate. spring i think is the best time to have a baby. everything is better when the sun is shining. i think this was a perfect ending to a pretty good bank holiday. only three days of work till our next one. how can i top it?

below are a couple of outfit snaps. one of my new shorts i posted about in my last 'things i like' post, and the other an illustration of what i wore to see thursday. a new vintage style dress. only from sainsburys T.U  range. cheap as chips.

orange nail varnish. v.summery


Sunday, 24 April 2011

...Happy Easter...

evening all. how have your easter sunday's been. i have had a thoroughly enjoyable day. weather has been perfect and loving the vitamin d overload. mumma decided to do a bbq instead a traditional roast dinner, and it was the best decision made. delicious salads, yummy veggie burgers and sweet, sweet pudding. all topped off with some bubbly. happy days for me.

i drove back early this morning having been in worthing at james for the past two days. was so nice to have some full and much needed time together. we went for a run, chilled at the beach, made a den in the garden, played tennis and on saturday evening went out drinks with his mates. got a little bit tipsy but didn't have a hang over for today, which was a welcome change. always suffer from the worst hangovers, regardless of how much i've drink.

so far my bank holiday has been wonderful. what's even better is that i've still got another day to chill, then it's three days of work and another four day weekend. here a few little snaps to share with you guys...

my lovely mumma

hope all your days have been lovely. happy easter.


Friday, 22 April 2011


*beware some heavy picture duty*
so this week i went to see one of james's fave bands - thursday. i really liked them. their last song was the best by far. they are fun, catchy and even more so as it was in a  tiny venue. am not usually into heavy music but these guys have changed my outlook. really glad i went. was still feeling weak from being ill but didn't want to miss out. was knackered afterward though.

i took some pics, mostly of the band. tried to be all arty and get interesting images. gave up in the end and just enjoyed the gig. one of the best gigs i've been too in a while. they rarely play in britain james says, so i feel very blessed to have seen them. harcore yet songs you can sing and really feel the lyrics to.

i've found that sometimes you can miss things when you constantly try and take pictures of everything. i take my camera everywhere just in case, but at the moment i'm trying to live in the moment and rely on my memories of how that particular day made me feel. taking pictures sometimes gets in the way i feel. as much as i like photography, i don't want to spend half my time faffing around, annoying everyone, just so i can document minute details.

anyway i digress. hope you like them.

if you're from london, have a wicked four day weekend due to the bank holiday. if not doesn't matter have a lovely weekend whatever you choose to do. i know i will.

happy good friday and i'' be back on monday with some posts of my weekend.


Thursday, 21 April 2011


haven't done one of these in a while and i feel really bad. i decided i wanted to showcase more of my photography and gain some feed back from people. think it will help me progress and see what i can improve on. so, this image like the previous one is of a while back, during my time at uni. i have edited it quite a bit because i thought the colours should be brighter and the contrast fuller. 

the image was taken in year 2 of uni at a 'rocky horror picture show'. it's actually one of my all time fave photos i've taken. i also have one in black and white. i love the sinister smirk juxtaposed with the innocent, doe eyed look between my two friends.
if you get the chance check out my flickr, which can be found on one of my pages. let me know what you guys think.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

...Mid-week sun...

so today was pretty un eventful. day at the office, wishing i was outside enjoying the sun. i took a couple of pics of my outfit. new blazer a got in poole and some cute pin striped wedges from h'n'm. excuse my pale face, just gotten over being ill. feel back to my normal self now. can think clearly again. got my spring back, pardon the pun. am feeling happy which is nice.  only one day till the four day weekend begins and the joy of easter sunday. yummy food. family. hopefully more sunshine.



finally my song of the week is back. for the past month i have been listening to a local band from london/brighton - doll and the kicks. i saw them just before christmas and instantly loved them. their songs are catchy popy/rock that you can easily sing a long too. skeletons, the song i'm putting up here, is one of their new tracks. its brilliant. love it. i urge you all to give them a go. the lead singer has an utterly unique stage presence and a voice to match.

let me know what you think and i may upload some more songs. check them out on face book. i think they are definitely a refreshing change from what is out on the music scene at the moment.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

...Things I Like...

i was really bad last week and didn't do a T.I.L post. naughty naughty i know. but here i am with some lovely little treats. things i want and have recently purchased.

these gorgeous tie shorts in charcol:
the best thing is if you type in 'wish' when checking out you get 50% discount on all items courtsey of Carrie from

i desparately want to go shopping but am trying to save my money for a new dslr. money is tight. doesn't mean a girl can't wish.

these cute little, well tall, floral wedges from Forever21 would be perfect for summer, and these shorts.

this might seem strange. but i have been dying to get my hands on this book ever since i studied her at university. she is a truly interesting philosopher. i know i've spoken about her on this blog before and probably how i want to own her 'gravity and grace' book.
...and now for my weekly reads. have been finding out so many different and interesting blogs lately and i want to share them all with you. as said before you've all probably heard of these girls but still, its my way of showing appreciation.

i thought my illustrstions were good but hers are so detailed and really cute. they tell a story all on their own. it's a lifestyle blog, fashion, daily interests and inspirations. delightful blog to read and flick through.

i love, love, love this girl's blog. have been reading it for a while now and it's refreshing, open, honest and wonderfully charming. a great style. america seems to have better charity/thrift stores than we do over here in blighty. need to take a trip out there me thinks. but please read her blog if you don't. its marvellous. i eagerly await each post.

hope you have enjoyed my ramblings.


Sunday, 17 April 2011


let me introduce you to...

as i mentioned in my last 'things i like' post, i recently purchased some lovely tribal style bracelets from her bespoke shop. ella masters is the creator of 'rubyraelove' and her shop is full wonderful, unique and truly inspiring jewelery. i'm already saving up for my next purchase.

after waiting with much expectation they finally arrived this week. i placed my order sometime last wednesday, so i'm more than happy with the delivery time. especially seeing as this is a one woman run shop. like the excitable child i am, i eagerly opened the packed, not before taking a few snaps as us bloggers do when we receive anything delightful in the post. everything about the package was splendid. the little hand written details make all the difference. it is nice to see personal touches.

i will definitely be buying from ella again. she is really helpful in answering questions via email. it is extremely clear to see that she is very passionate about this. the link to her online boutique is here.

the colours are exquisite and definitely fitting for summer. the best thing is that if you buy just one of these now, you get another free. i made use of that bargain and snapped up three, ensuring i got an extra three for free.

this girl deserves all the recognition as it is clear to see how much effort goes into stocking her shop. i urge each of you to take a look.


...Sunday update...

excuse my lack of posting since thursday, but i have been extrememly unwell. seriously ill.  was up all night thursday back and forth from the bathroom, highest temperature on friday, and so many achaes and pains. now it's sunday and i feel much better. little tired but only from lack of sleep. have so much to catch up on with blogs.

i will be getting back to my blogging shortly. apart from being ill not much has happened obviously. as you all know i won my furla candy bag, on park&cube's giveaway. can't wait until it arrives. i also received my purchase from rubyraelove and have been editing a post dedicated to it. and this coming tuesday i have tickets to see thursday with james. so i will post some pics from that evening.

sorry for being a big bore this week. will be back to normal this week. my weekly posts have taken a back seat and that's a shame. feel very bad.

have a lovely sunday, and enjoy the good weather if you're having some.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

...Ahhh to excited for words...

just a quick post to say i won. i actually won something. never win anything. i entered a give away on park&cube to win a 'furla' candy bag. today i checked my inbox and there it was a confirmation email from shini saying i had won a bag. 

and here it is...well i picture from the webpage...

will post more about this when i receive my bag. feel so flattered.


Monday, 11 April 2011

...Sunday Sun...

*beware heavy picture duty*
obvious title i know. but yesterday was such a lovely day. in fact the whole weekend was perfect. saturday was a chill day. round our family friends for a big lunch, drinking out in the sun in the garden. got a little burnt but nothing major. then sunday hanging out round london. mostly on caledonian road and islington. took a few pics and drew a small illustration of my outfit.

was so nice having some proper sun, exploring little cafe's and just soaking up some good ol' vitamin D.  i met my friend laura, from work, at 'drink, shop & do'. now if you're a londoner please visit this cafe/shop. it's magical. i love it. you can buy the cups you drink from, the plates you eat off and the chairs you sit on. it's all very 'kitsch', miss match and has a real vintage feel. it's on caledonian road, just along from kings cross. you walk through a little boutigue shop and up into the cafe. aaahhh, just so cute and relaxing.

after our spot of midday tea and cake, we mooched on up to islington and had a nosey around the vintage shops. all too expensive for my liking. stick to my charity shops me thinks. and then she showed me to this funky little cafe, 'the breakfast club' round the back of islington highstreet. there we had more food and smoothies.


all in was a pretty good weekend. hope yours as always were the same and made your monday's that bit more bearable.


Thursday, 7 April 2011

...Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside...

feel like i've been a bit distant this week. sorry for the absence. has been hectic at work. we are moving offices tomorrow. and i've been helping out with packing, organizing new meeting rooms and just generally pitching in where i can. therefore by the end of the day i'm knackered and have no energy to blog. think it will be the same next week as well, what with getting use to a new system and office space. but it is all very exciting at the same time. anyway i digress from the orginal point of this post. 

here are a few snaps of my sunny weekend away in poole with james. have already said how marvellous it was to just get away for a day or two and have some proper time to ourselves. plus with the weather picking up, who doesn't want to be beside the sea with the sun shining.

pint in the bar below our hotel room

our hotel room - small and cosy

our hotel from the outside, on balcony of poole museum

poole museum

saturday's outfit

we stayed in a little hotel called 'the antelope', which was right in the heart of town. close to the restaurants and pubs, and a minutes walk from poole harbor. we are definitely going to be doing something like this again. too good not to.

what are some of your best spur of the moment trips away?