Monday, 28 February 2011

...Rainy Days...

due to the bad weather here in london this weekend, which has continued on into this week, it meant that what i had planned to do with james fell flat. we ventured out and got halfway up the high street and eventually turned back. it was just to damn wet, windy and yucky to do anything. shame.

not letting it deter us, we decided to make the most of it and had a proper rainy day. films, cups of tea and baking cookies. below are a few snippets of my outfit and also the little surprise i mentioned previously. i hope you like it. was my first attempt at making a little video snapshot. there will defo be more to come as i really enjoyed putting it together. please click to make it bigger. its a bit small at the moment.

...bad outfit pic (courtesy of james)...


...beautiful scarf and vintage bag...

...james... dog blurred...
sunday was pretty much the same. some sunshine then it disappeared into a mist of rain and blahness. so my mum decided we should make pop corn and we then settled down to watch a cheesy sunday afternoon film. i then cooked dinner for my brother, mum and i.

...and that's that. a little taste of my weekend. hope all of your weekends were just as enjoyable. the last two pics are from my Canon SRL, which i have finally had developed. i will put them up soon i promise. they turned out alright i think.

p.s. just to let you know my new weekly fixture in my blog, which i mentioned a while back will be appearing sometime this week. am getting everything together at the moment for it. so stay tuned.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

...Sunday Morning...

as it's a sunday and i've been pretty busy all weekend, i'm not going to be posting what i'm wearing today, as it's just my jammies. after having tidied up this morning, i think it's prefectly fine for me to slob around for the rest of the afternoon.

so, instead i will be posting friday's outfit. not too exciting. very simple combo of black skinnies, plimpsoles and a grey top. friday at work is always a bit more casual. excuse my pale complexion. wasn't wearing that much make-up. two fave rings...
not much on the agenda for today. has been pretty rubbish weather this weekend. especially yesterday. unfortunetly that meant james and i couldn't do much. will tell more later. am putting the finishing touches to my weekend post today. have a little surprise in store. hope you like it.

well that's all for now folks. hope your sunday is relaxing and stress free. i'm going to go and catch up on all my unread blogs.

...cupcake at work...

p.s. on friday, when reading through Carrie's blog posts (her blog is one of my faves at the moment),  i found a cute little website called lauralaura and fell in love with this canvas shoulder bag. very chic, simple and the design was just too cute to resist. so, yes i went and bought it. now i eagerly await its arrival in the post.


Friday, 25 February 2011

...Taking a break...

...only for a couple of days though like i mentioned in my last post. i'm actually finishing up this post today at work. i just wanted to share with you what i was wearing yesterday. getting into my outfit posts, especially when i can put up an illustration instead of showing my face. i get quite camera shy. i decided to where my rose lippy, courtesy of 'natural collection'. it's a really warm, muted rose colour. good depth to it. and easy to maintain. most red lipsticks can take a lot of effort. using my liquid eyeliner, i have started doing the sixties, thin cat-eye look. very simple, quick and timeless. it seems to be my signature thing at the moment. have become very fond of this little instrument.

i wore my lovely new grey, suede shoes that i got from office a few weeks back. i posted pic up a while back. perfect for walking in. they were seemingly pricey but i think i can justify buying things now that i'm actually working. am really getting into my job, making sure i'm always offering help where needed. i want to get involved as much as possible. it appears to be paying off as i'm being asked to do little research projects whilst at my desk. maybe in a years time i might look at seeing what's available to me. we'll see. early days yet. only been here for four months at Landor but, yeh, good vibes.

have planned a pretty good day on saturday for when james is here (he arrived yesterday, was most excited to see him). we never do enough stuff. mostly because traveling into london is bit expensive. however, this weekend we're going to make the most of it, and if the weather is like it was yesterday then it will be glorious. i also have some intersting things planned for my blog. have finally finished with the new layout. took a while and it became very frustrating but its where i want it to be. hurrah! ;)  i'm going to try and post at least once a day if not every other day. i really want it to be something i'm proud of. i've always kept scrap books and thought this would the next step. even if no one reads it, it's something that i will put my time and effort into making interesting and exciting.

have a lovely weekend xx 

Thursday, 24 February 2011


my image this week, i feel, is representing the kind of mood i'm in. as the title of my blog suggests, i've been in this dazy kind of mood. with my drawing, writing and reading i feel i've been lost in my own little world. this image demonstrates this ambivalence, well i hope at least. it inspires is a simple, possibly you'll find uninteresting, image. but in its simplicity it is beautiful. it is taken from a new blog i have found by girl called lily @ daydreamlily. you may have already heard of her but i think her blog is particularly sweet and delicate.

p.s. i have just thought, whilst writing this post a new idea for a weekly theme. will get back to you guys when i know more.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

...A Journey Home...

...walking past St. Paul's Cathedral...

...along the Thames...

...through Borough Market...

...past Southwark Cathedral...

...and into London Bridge...
my journey home. my favourite places i walk past everyday. beautiful spots in an urban city. just a little bit of my world to share with you.

as i write this post, i have finally cleared out my uni box full of work, tidied my room and organised some themes for later blog posts. i am now currently in my jammies, snuggled up in my bed watching some programme on Channel 4. i know it's only 8.30pm but god was i tired today. have been asked to do more and more little projects. which is nice, 'cos being a receptionist my day can drag a little and become a bit boring. i make sure i always have my notebook and my reading books with me to keep occupied whilst i get one with my little tasks. but i am glad that 'hump' day is over and from tomorrow only two days 'till the weekend. will be a good one too i hope, as james is coming up tomorrow eve and staying 'till saturday eve. think i'm gonna plan something for us to do saturday. maybe a little trip into town. do some museum trips and a bit of vintage bargain hunting (not that he'll enjoy the latter).

so as of tonight i probably will not be posting again until sunday as my time will taken up with work in the day and then james in the eve. but have no fear hopefully i shall have some things to say come sunday. will tell you all about it.'s outfit...
that's all for now my dears...

...on the train...

...Wonders of women...

found this quote whilst reading through STYLIST (free London magazine), and i wanted to share it with you. i have love for STYLIST, one because it's free and second the articles are always interesting, i can update my fashion knowledge and pick out things to add to my wish list, such as books, music and trinkety things.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


instead of taking a photograph of my outfit today, i decided to do a sketch, using water colours. i was flicking through blogs and was inspired by a girl called Carrie in her 'wish wish wish' blog, where she uses every medium possibly to illustrate her life. i have always been into art, especially sketching and regularly used to attend life drawing classes at uni. alas now im working finding the time to sit down and draw is hard to come by. however, today at work, when i had a spare few minutes i had a go at drawing my outfit. i think they came out alright. or at least i hope so. today was a pretty dull, grey day again. so having a little creative inspiration cheered me up. i drew first in pen then when i got home this evening added the colour. hope you like. if not, oh well.

white, linen top, brown/tan harem suit trousers, vintage broach
SHABITAT (Brighton), New Look, carboot sale (Shoreham)
 there you go my first sketches in a very long time. i also drew a little sketch of my note-book. my little collection of ideas, notes, interesting things that i want to do, look up, investigate etc.

WANTED - similar to a Moleskin (not as expensive though)
 think i might do more of these things. maybe once a week alongside my image of the week, have a sketch of week. we'll see how it goes.

what things inspire you?


Legally blonde...

so, yesterday had my hair cut, well i say cut i mean more of a trim. as i'm growing it long, it needs to be kept in good condition, especially the ends. they get all tangly and the ends split so easily now. i also had some more blonde put in my hair. it is very fair now, really light. well to me at least.

can't tell in this picture so much as quality is poor. but trust me it is much blonder. 
i'm also liking again what i'm wearing today, so i might do an outfit post later this evening, when i get home from work. i would take one on my phone cam but the quality ist nicht zu gut.

happy tuesday x

Friday, 18 February 2011


here it is guys. my tumblr page. had to really didn't i? check it out if you wish. its on the right hand side of my blog, and called 'aimless words'.

Fruity flowers...

have decided that as i liked so much what i was wearing yesterday, that i would post it up here. 
i got the dress cheapo on ebay. the pattern looked more like fruity, but when i inspected closer they were actually flowers. thought i would bring a bit f colour to the office as it was a dull day yesterday. i wore the dress with black tights and my favourite pair of shoes - my brogues. 
excuse the poor quality...and the sour look on my face.

maybe i'll do some more. depends...

Thursday, 17 February 2011


here it is again on a thursday instead of a friday. my image of the week. now, i suddenly came across this image when researching a particular photographer's work, and remembered that i still have the issue of 'wonderland' that he often shoots for. this copy is about a year old but the images were so dramatic and captivating that i instantly liked them. they are of michelle williams - my new fave actress - and are shot by miguel reveriego. the washed out colours are vibrant and really hit you, plus michelle williams looks stunning. here is a mere taste...

Wonderland - miguel reveriego

Pursuit of happiness...

kid cudi's 'pursuit of happiness' song, courtesy of my brother, who updates my ipod every so often with some new tunes, is probably one of the easiest songs to listen to. it has a peaceful quality to it.

it came up on my ipod whilst travelling into work this morning and it really chilled me out. i sat there on the tube just listening to the words and letting the soft melody play through my ears. going through the dark tunnels, with this light tune playing made me feel complacent and for those brief minutes, happy in my own existence.

so i wanted to share with you my new favourite tune. listen to the words and just let it wash over you.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


i have a mouse in my room. found him last night. this tiny cute little brown thing. called him rodney although james thinks he should be plain 'mouse'. i think not.
he's probably gone now but i'm worried about our dog coming into my room, with a bloodlust thirst. would not be happy to then find a mangled mouse in my room. i think its the same one that's been hiding in our piano. apparently if you can fit a pen through a hole then a mouse can get through. sneaky buggers.
just thought you should know. quite like the idea of having a little friend scurrying around but they eat things and at the end of the day its wild and vermin.
oh rodney, what to do 'ey.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What a grey old day...

today was a very grey day. grey skies and this ominous feeling it was going to rain. i hoped not. i really did. because yesterday was a such a lovely, bright sunny day that it would spoil it if it rained today. urgh. and guess what it did. brilliant.

any-hu. yesterday as we all know was valentines day. hmmm. now james and i will have celebrated our second Vday together. this year we decided to get each other absolutely nothing. its awkward and embarrassing, and just, yeh. not too keen on the day and neither is james. although we didn't do much last year - dinner at the fatleo, the restaurant for one of our first dates. awww, yes cute, whatever.

to be honest i didn't really keep to our rule this year. i mean i still didn't spend a single penny, but i made a card instead...with many of my delightful facial expressions from the year and half we've been together. i would say its not necessarily for Vday but just something i really wanted to do. i would put a pic up but i think james would kill me. i even made an envelope for the card to inside of and i left it on my bed for him to find when he came up to london yesterday. on seeing the card he decided that he had to get a little something otherwise it would have looked bad. he got me this cute little white mouse cuddly. nothing special just something cute and sweet. 

we've called him the 'love-rat'
and that was that. our valentines done. was nice not having to live up to the expectations of doing something. my mum cooked dinner and then us two went and watched and episode of columbo (my new fave programme) and some channel 5 programme where justin lee collins meets seagal. such a funny guy. bit chubby now though, not like his nico days.

i think what i've learnt this Vday is that it doesn't matter whether your single or in a relationship, having someone be it a friend, partner, family member, a pet even to do things with; to enjoy life with is a wonderful feeling. being able to share your happiness with the people who are important in your life is very valuable and should never be under-estimated.

happy tuesday x 

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Vday to all...

my weekend, again was really lovely. chilled and relaxing. managed to get some niggling tasks done that i had been putting off for a while, such as taking my boots up the road to get re-heeled. they weren't as shocking as my brogues were but, still in a 'worse for wear' state. they shall be ready by wednesday, yay!!!!!!
then saturday afternoon i travelled down to worthing to visit james obviously and we went out for a lovely meal. now, just when we thought things were gonig pretty well (we never have good nights out eating) it gets even better. as we were making our way through our mains, our waiter came over carrying another pizza. we were both kind of shocked. i thought, shit, did we accidentally order an extra pizza. nope, the chefs merely thought the original one wasn't good enough and decided to make us a second one free of charge. score we what. he boxed it up for us and we munched on it for lunch the next day, whilst watching Columbo with hot cup of tea. to me that is perfect bliss. had a pretty late start sunday. just slobbed around for the morning, which was just what i needed as getting up at 6.30am can take its toll after a while. james brought up breaky in bed and then i headed back home when he went off to work.
i had been looking forward to sunday evening for so long, you have no idea. mainly because it was the BAFTAS and i love the award shows. i always end making a list of films that i need to see, cinematographers to research, production designers. plus everyone always looks so stunning. 
so that was my weekend. pretty uneventful but that's how i like it some times. 
oh forgot to say i got hold of an action sampler camera, similar to oktomatic camera, but this one only takes four action shots and i'm hoping it arrives today. canny wait.
and just as i wrote that it has arrived, ahhhh yeh boi

Friday, 11 February 2011


i have decided to start doing and Image of the Week post. Now those who have lived with me during uni, know that i love to rip out magazine images that i find inspiring. so, every friday i will be posting an image that i've stumbled across throughout the week that has inspired me. this weeks image is from a photographer, serge leblon. he shoots for dazed and confused sometimes and his pictures are different, dynamic and really interesting to look at.

Daniel Radcliffe for Dazed and Confused
there you have it my first iow (image of the week).

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Handouts in the rain...

Isn't the weather glorious think not. It's pants. Been raining all day long. No sign of the lovely sunshine we had yesterday. I've been watching the rain fall all day and it's making me feel down. To try and cheer myself up I wore a big, pinky, cream flower in my hair to try and brighten up this rubbish day.

Tried to be arty with the editing

I'm hoping that my day will get better as it is mine and Laura's weekly get together to watch Skins. Yes, sad I know. But we love it and don't care who knows, : ). We will be eating party rings, have a little drinky-doo and a general catch up. And that's exactly what you want on a gloomy day such as this.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

These shoes are made for walking...

...and yes my new shoes are made for walking. As I mentioned in yesterdays post I brought some lovely new shoes at the weekend, and guess what they were so worth the money. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I mean, okay, fair enough they are only like two inches high but still I want to comfortable in shoes regardless of the heal height-age. After reading little chief honeybee's latest post about wearing shoes that don't make you want to kill yourself, I am in full agreement on that matter.
So, these shoes have that crepe sole and heal that give them a really nice cushy feel, and lace up so it means your feet are completely supported whilst walking. Generally after wearing any form of high-heals, the balls of my feet begin to hurt, with these, nadda. Feels so good. I wore them all day yesterday, to and from work, and not even a smidgen of pain. Hurrah!!!!

Shoes - OFFICE

Monday, 7 February 2011

Weekend at Bernie's....

Having finally caught up on all my unread blogs over the weekend (some really good ones guys), I  can begin posting about my epic weekend. What a weekend. Probably one of the best weekends, bar last week, I've had in a long while. And this time round I actually have some pictures as evidence. Am still waiting to finish my roll of film for my SLR to post some old pics.
This Friday gone was my dear and oldest uni friend's birthday. Friday after rushing home from work, showering and bombing it down the M23, A27 to make it to Brighton in time to get ready, so I could join in the pre-drinking festivities. I stayed at my friend Emma's house that night and there ended up being about four of us all staying over. Was a lovely, cosey nights sleep...hmmmm maybe not. Having composed myself after arriving at Emma's we all made our way into town, heading to the Pav Tav, the only place to go if you're a student looking a for a bit of alternative rock. There was seven of us, Me, Sophie, Georgia, Phil and then Emma's two housemates, Dan and Rich. 
We met Rachael there with Greg and Owen, whom I hadn't seen for a year. It was at our New Year's party of 09/10 that I last saw him, which is far too long in my books. So I basically gave him like a gazzilion hugs. I was very happy this weekend. After a few drinks at the Pav we moved onto Belushi's Below for the Abandoned Rock night. Lets just put it this way, everyone was off their tits by the end of the night. I mean really drunk. The only way to be on a rock night. Was such a good night but I felt it went by in a flash. We arrived at the club then suddenly the lights came up, it was 3am and we had to leave. Mental but fun. Throughout the night we all kept loosing each other, and Belushi's is not a particularly big venue so there must have been some sort of vortex that swallowed you up for about half an hour. Still, it didn't take away from the fun. I drank way to many Jagermeister bombs that night and suffered for it the next day. The lack of sleep never helps but I think a Disney marathon the next morning can make anyone feel a bit better. Loved it. There we all were in Emma's sitting room snuggled up on the sofas watching Hercules, Tarzan and then later that day, Beauty and the Beast.
I felt so rough for most of Saturday (I'm sure I wasn't much company for Sophie and Emma) and to cheer myself up I bought some new shoes, with the help of Emma's student discount, which was lovely. Sophie, Emma and I went into town for some breaky and found this tiny cafe that you could barely move in. The food though, yummy scrummy. The food at Rachael's dinner that night was also really tasty. We went to a small Italian restaurant. I left a bit earlier as I was very tired and needed to get to James' before I fell asleep. The next day I definitely felt better and James making me breakfast in bed as well as lunch really helps that. Also a bit of Colombo never hurts anyone, and am really getting into it. I feel James would disagree.
All in all Rachael's birthday weekend was a big success but am still recovering to this day. I think I strained my voice and have come down with a horrible, icky head cold...blah. So if I don't post for a while its because I'm not feeling to great. Below are few pics from the weekend, and not to worry will hopefully put some of the film ones up soon.

Not Rachael's weekend, but our Jan girly meet up in London

There was this rasta on Friday night and I, being very drunk wanted to try his hat on
Our delicious freshly squeezed orange juice the next morning

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Hump day...

Result. I have managed to find ribbon ink for my typewriter. Yay!!!! Have got to love ebay. It has everything on there and with a bit of patience you can find even the most abstract of items, such as ribbon ink. I'm also going to be uploading some items to sell on there later this week, mostly bags. Ones that I haven't used in a very long time. I usually give all my unwanted stuff to charity, but I'm gonna see if I can make a few quid here or there, if not, oh well, off to the charity shops. To be honest I'm still unsure of ebay. Still getting used to the bidding system. But it's kind of exciting. The anticipation of placing a bid and then actually winning. Although, I have yet to win a bid, not that I have bid on much, I usually just do 'buy now' as its easier and generally it's the correct price I'm willing to pay.

On another note, I'm half way to acquiring two items on my 2011 wish list. Firstly, my friends and I are purchasing our festival tickets this week. Secondly, I have submitted my holiday time at work for mine and James weekend trip away. Yay! I'm still searching for the Barbour jacket, brown penny loafers and a new digital SRL. However still only beginning of February, so plenty of time.