Monday, 31 January 2011

Isn't life glorious...

What lovely weather we have had this weekend. O.K, yes a bit chilly but beautiful bright, blue skies with the sun beaming makes up for that. Bit of swimming Saturday morning, then chilling out playing Mario Cart on James N64 (proper old school), looking in some charity shops where I found a cute beige fur hat and brown fur neck scarf thingy (not real fur don't worry), and finally finishing the day off having drinks with Bethany and Tom.
On Sunday morning to make the most of this glorious weather, James and I drove out towards Chichester, stopping off at Fontwell race track, then heading into Chichester town center to mosey round some car-boot sales. Love car boot sales. Among the tatt, you can find some really good bargains. For instance I managed to get hold of, yet another old film SLR, complete with case, instructions, attachable flash and strap, all for a fiver. Bargain. I have a certain fascination with old cameras. Have about four cameras, all from different decades. Can't beat the old look and feel of film compared to digital. The excitement of waiting for your photos to be developed. Doesn't feel rushed when you use film cameras to take pictures because  you only get one chance so you wanna make sure your pictures are exactly how you want them to be. I think it makes you a little more patient, which is never a bad thing. 
Alongside my camera, I found an old type-writer. For a quid. A quid I tell you. Now my reasoning is that if I can't find any ink for it, oh well, it was only a pound. Haven't had to break the bank to buy it. Hopefully I will as its not a massively old school type-writer. Looks like a model more from the late 60's/70's. I will let you know how I get on with that search. Fingers crossed.
Once we finished strolling round, not one but two car-boot sales, we stopped off in Arundel and had a wander round the castle lake and I took some silly pictures of the ducks. As the day moved on, it was getting decidedly colder so we popped into a little tea room for a cuppa of tea. This turned out to be like five/six cups each as the tea-pot we ordered for just us two was huge. Was more like a pot for five people. Definitely had my fair share of tea for a couple of days now.
I will put my photos up of my antics during January once I've finished the role of film soon. Still have a few pics left and am saving them for Rachael's birthday weekend. Will be lots of fun.

All in all was a lovely weekend. Hope your weekends were just as enjoyable.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Took long enough...

After 6 months of having left uni (last June), I have finally finished sorting my room out. Took long enough. I mean I had unpacked most of my stuff but I was still trying to get everything organised and in their correct place. A lot of stuff seemed to accumulate throughout my time at uni. I have come to realise that I have far too many DVDs, Books, clothes, shoes and accessories, bath products and stationary.
Needed to throw old tat away, re-organise my wardrobe, drawers and general miscellaneous stuff. I also have this habit of rearranging my room around (do it about every three months or so) and I am fully satisfied with the result now. The only box I have left to empty is my old uni papers. I mean it's not that big of a box (an old Canon printer box), but there is just a lot in side it, and I haven't even looked at some it since my first year of uni.

Three years worth of work has mounted up and I have put it off every year. This box scares me. There is just so much paper and there are certainly some things I want to keep from my three years at uni. Particular articles that I enjoyed reading. More so from my Philosophy subjects. There was a really interesting and poignant philosopher, Simone Weil, whose writing was so deep and beautiful that I really felt I could understand and connect with what she was writing. She is a french philosopher and most of her writing is theological. Looking at questions about religion and the issues surrounding God. She is not necessarily religious herself but it is an interesting analysis, in my opinion, of spirituality. Reading 'Grace and Gravity', really is about how one should live their lives not necessarily about the existence of a higher being, which is quite nice actually. Her writing isn't too aggressive and dogmatic, which makes a nice change from some theological texts I've read.

Tonight my friend good friend Laura is coming over. Gonna drink some wine and basically have a good ol' chin wag. We really need a good chat. Hanging out with your girlfriends is good cathartic experience. A chance to let off steam about everything happening in your life at that moment. No one judges but listens. It's nice.

Haven't been up too much recently except from tidying my room. My 'Mad Men' series three arrived yesterday, am very much looking to getting stuck into that. Also a couple of my books arrived. Building up a nice collection of literary items. Am just waiting on 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and a small booking about writing tips.  I'm going to try and read short stories to see how the authors present their characters and develop their narrative structures. Have been getting really involved in my writing. Got myself a new little notebook. I love it. It's this amazing matte green colour. Has an envelope compartment at the back to keep things in. So whenever I have an idea for a character, or chapter. Even just a random thought or something that has inspired me, down it goes into my little book.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Am I thick?

Not sure if any of you have picked up on this, but my grammar is not the best it could be. So if my phrasing comes off as a bit odd and strange, that fact is (and I don't really like putting this around but as this is a blog primarily using the written word) I am dyslexic. Huh, I hear you. Well I am, so apologies if the things I write don't fit together. Some see it as an excuse for poor spelling and grammar but it's something that I really do struggle with, and it's only recently that I found out why. Just thought I would put it out there in case you thought, Christ this girl cannot write a thing.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Back to Work...

Sorry for the lack of posting, not that I post often, but I have been slightly under the weather. I have been caged up in my house since Wednesday evening sick with a fluey virus. I have been bored for the past three days and have only started to feel like myself again. The most interesting things that have happened whilst being sick is completing Mad Men series two - amazing, absolutely love that show - and rearranged my room, which in turn made me feel even worse as I was exhausted after. That's all I've felt this past days. Utterly exhausted and tired. Physically weak. It's horrible.
But from tomorrow I am back at work, thank god. I have actually missed working. I enjoy my job. Sounds odd but I do. I look forward to getting up and going to work. Picking out what I will be wearing, the interesting people I may meet, and also just being up in town. I really must make more of London. Feel like I don't make the most of the galleries, bars, boutique areas etc. Also three of my very good friends work up in town and we really need to meet up more. Seems silly not too. So from now on I will make the effort to at least do something cultural and interesting.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Had such a lovely weekend. Not only did I have James to stay for a few days, I had a pretty booked up weekend. That's always nice when you have things planned and you can look forward.
Friday, James and I didn't end up going to the cinema, we, instead went up the road for dinner and then for drinks at the local pub, where there was a jazz band playing. Was a really nice evening. Got a bit tipsy as always when I drink. Unfortunetly come Saturday, James had to go home. That always makes me feel a bit down. 
As mentioned previously Saturday was my Aunt's big 5.0 birthday dinner. Was lovely. Truly a delight to see family and all hangout together. I used my film SLR camera, so I will post a photo when they have been developed. It may take some time as I still have photos to use up on the film.
Sunday was probably the highlight of the weekend. Having lunch with uni friends up in London. Lots of Tapas and bubbly. However, I got slightly drunk and only realised this when I returned home at 7pm to get ready to meet with Laura and Holly. I could barely manage to string a sentence together. All I did was giggle my way through an episode of 24. Sad times for me that I had to miss out on Holly's leaving drinks.
So that was my weekend and what brilliant weekend it was. Also my collection of John Keats arrived. Stunning poetry. Am looking forward to getting stuck into that on these cold days. Am still awaiting a few other books that I have ordered.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Rain drops keep falling...

Am very happy that the weekend will, in a few short hours, be upon us. It has been hectic at work this morning; more so than usual. Lots of phone calls, couriers and attempting to solve the mystery of the missing champagne bottles.
But none of that matters now as the weekend is soon to begin. Cannot wait. Actually have a semi-decent weekend planned, which is always nice. Possibly going cinema tonight. Haven't been in ages and am desparate to satisfy my film needs. My aunts 50th is tomorrow, so the whole family is off on a little dinner outing. Think I'm gonna wear my flapper dress and new shoes (courtesy of my darling bf). Then on Sunday am having a New Year lunch with my uni friends. Been a long time coming. Will be nice to catch up. Miss them all so much. Then proceeding the days festivities, that evening I am having drinks with my friends from home, whom one of them is going back to uni for Spring term. Don't want her to go. 
Always sad when you have to say goodbye to friends. I know am gonna see them again but won't be able to just ring up and be like "Fancy going out for a quick drink, or pop into to town for a spot of shopping".

On another note, taking into consideration my attempt to keep track of my creative thoughts, have started putting together a collection of short stories. Have ordered my seem guidebooks to help the process along. It's quite nice attempting to create a work of fiction. Not sure whether it will be any good or how long it will take. I'm being really good with myself, purposely writing for at least an hour a day. Researching ideas, piecing together characters and developing story lines. Am getting excited just thinking about it. I've always been into writing poetry ever since studying Derek Walcott at Alevel.
So I thought why not try using that enthusiaism and applying it to writing a short story.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


The only thing really worth commenting on that has happened this week is my new fringe. Love it love it. Have been waiting patiently to have my hair cut and styled. Finally the Saturday just passed it happened. Feels so nice and I can't stop looking at myself in the nearest mirror. Vain I know.

My new fringe...taken whilst at work.

To feel more rounded and cultured, plus to indulge my love of poetry, I have just bought my first collection of poems by John Keats and am very excited to enter into the romantic world and loose myself in romanticist ideals. Although widely recognised I have never got round to reading any of his collection, plus he has come highly recommended by my new follower Emily - . Her blog is very inspiring and comments on a lot of things I think about but can barely manage to articulate. So in order to keep track of all my thoughts, I have dragged out my writing book, and whenever a random thought pops into my head, down it will go onto a piece of paper.
Alongside this my newly ordered book 'Flappers and Philosophers' - Scott Fitzgerald - has just been dispatched. Fingers crossed will be here soon. It was on my desired Christmas wish list but is very hard to come by.
At this very moment though I am painfully (in a good sense) involved with one of the greatest love stories ever told - 'Dr Zhivago'. I have had the pleasure of watching the original film and find it more heartbreaking than, heaven forbid, 'Romeo and Juliette'. It is the last moment of this story that is so gut-wrenching and tragically beautiful.
After this tragic love story, I will be moving onto 'Sons and Lovers'  and continuing my love for D. H. Lawrence. The first book I ever read of his moved me greatly, 'The Virgin and the Gypsy'. Only a very small book, I urge anyone who is anyone to read it.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

2011 wish list...

Right, as I am a tad bored at work and it's not even lunch time yet, I have been compiling together my 2011 wish list. It is a collection of the things I want to obtain throughout this year. Maybe something every couple of months.
It's not too long I hope, as I don't want to seem spoilt and brattish. These are just a few items that I have continuously been thinking about for the past months, and now that I am in full time employment with a semi-decent wage I can afford to treat myself now and then. So here it is. Don't judge, it's just me.

1) Traditional Barber jacket...

2) A digital SLR - preferably Canon...

3) Pair of brown Penny Loafers...

4) Download/Sonisphere tickets for 2011...

5) A trip to Paris...

There...nothing too obscure or unobtainable. Just some things to keep me motivated this year.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

First day...

My first day back to work was yesterday, and as I have mentioned on facebook and twitter, I was surprising looking forward to going back. This was partly and still is, due to the fact that I have a collection of new work clothes, bought especially in the Christmas, New Year sales. Plus, my wonderful boyfriend bought me some beautiful shoes. They are black patent, with black suede sides, with tiny little black buttons and they lace up. My passion for shoes, as many of my dear friends will know, extends to great lengths. I LOVE shoes. I love wearing them to the point where I have to get them re-heeled. You know a pair of shoes have been loved when they need re-soling/heeling. I m very excited to get my brogues back as I had almost worn them to the point of no return. However, I digress from my original reason in writing this weeks blog.

My last post was a collection of photos from the last month of 2010. December was a brilliant month, as it included Christmas, a week long break from work and New Years. Unlike New Years last year, where we had a massive house party in Brighton, this year I just hung out at my friends flat, eating pizza, watching The Hills and drinking Cava. It was chilled, relaxed and most importantly inexpensive. To make it seem slightly more important than any ordinary night, we wore big poofy party dresses. Whereas my brother, who had an amazing night, spent just over £200 up in Knightsbridge, London. Seems a bit excessive to me. Each to their own I suppose. 

I do feel though very positive going into 2011. I have a job, a great boyfriend, wonderful friends and a summer, 2 week long holiday to look forward to. I don't want to start getting all sentimental here, I did that last year in my New Year post, but I do feel very lucky to have been given the opportunities to start piecing together my life. I have made only one resolution for 2011, usually I make zero. 
But this year, I want to start taking things more as they come, not so much planning and organising; going with the flow...well a little that is.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Lasting moments...


Breakfast on Christmas day

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Some snaps towards the end of 2010. Have a wonderful year in 2011.