Friday, 17 December 2010

Life this week

My days in post-it

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Such a clutz...

Now this week has been very eventful I'm glad to report. Work this week has been a lot of fun, especially Thursday. My reception area, a place which is usually calm, collected, chilled was taken over by building, dust, mess and a massive projector hanging from the ceiling. I had to resort to standing to one side with the phone and door buzzer. With no computer I was unable to see where meetings were being held of check my emails. Was very chaotic but the end result was worth it. At the same time as this mess was descending in my domain a Christmas tree was going up. Was so glad that there were no major clients coming in that day. People at work were not happy at me for having to book the whole of our front meeting room out, as it left little space for others to go. But not much else I could of done about that. In the end everyone was very understanding. I had to keep it all a secret as not many people knew why all this work was happening. The design team had kept it all very private, only me and Andy (facilities) knew what the result was going to be.

So after what seemed like a life time, everything was finished and it looked pretty stunning. The design team had come up with this interactive live webcam feed that projected your image in snowflakes against the reception main window from the outside. It's a bit hard to explain and I'll see if I can get a picture for next time to show you. Pretty clever idea. What I did manage to get a picture of was of our Christmas tree, which is decorated with each employees face in snowflakes. We each got a decoration with our face on and on the back we wrote a Christmas message then hung it on the tree. All very creative and arty. We had an unveiling ceremony with mince pies and mulled to celebrate the tree and the Christmas live projection. I also got a present from Carl (head of design) for putting up with all the mess and chaos in my reception area. Below is pictue of the tree.

Not the best picture but you get the idea

Thursday, all in all a brilliant day. Friday not so good. Started out as the worst day ever. Did the most spectacular fall of my life, which resulted in a small chunk of skin being ripped out of my knee. I keep replaying my fall in my head and it actually makes me feel sick. Was horrible. Not only did I managed to wreck my knee, I also bruised my left hand. What makes this whole thing even more embarrassing is the fact that there was no good reason for me to fall. No ice, no nothing, I just lost my balance and fell on my hands and knees skidding about just under a metre, ripping my new, only worn once trousers. So, I went to the hospital thinking I'd need stitches, thankfully not. But I got some of that glue and a few steristrips put on me and I was good to go. God it hurts so bad. Hurts to bend and has this dull ache, which unfortunately made me feel very groggy that evening.

Not pleasant I know. This is two days after.

Friday evening was horrendous, came down with this feverish, heady thing. Felt awful, couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfortable and it continued into Saturday, which was not good as I missed my dear friend Emma's birthday dinner, was not up to it. Felt horrible about it but knew, that if I could barely get out of bed I was not going to be much company at dinner.

So, Sunday, feeling bit better, watching Strictly results, smelling our lovely Christmas tree, I feel my week has been definitely eventful.

Sunday, 5 December 2010



The only good thing that seems to have happened this week is being paid my first pay-cheque for my job. Everything else has been horrible. Mostly due to the snow. On Wednesday night, on my two hour journey home from work, I slipped and smashed my back on the ice. It would have been funny not for the fact that I seriously hurt myself, and was literally about a minute away from my house. And I’m not over exaggerating this. So i had to stay home on Thursday, which may sound good but not really when you confined to not moving. Although, things have now picked up and the snow is practically gone; hurray!!! Didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as I would of liked to. So, as I sit here on this glorious Sunday morning, nearly afternoon, I’ve realised, that the damn snow has made my life this week very tiresome. It’s all shits and giggles when you can just enjoy it, but when you have to be at work, it becomes the biggest hassle, and you start resent everything about life.

Apart from my magnificent fall, I have managed to get my Christmas shopping underway and I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it. I mean it is only the beginning of December, so I have a while to go, but it does creep up on you, and you can find yourself stressing and forgetting things. That will not be me this year. I have only 6 people left to buy for, which is manageable I think. Am looking forward to Christmas, as always, but it’s going to be a weird one as I won’t be seeing my Dad till January as he is off skiing, darn him; very jealous of that fact. Haven’t been in 3 years and I’m dying to go again. Moving on from this, secondly it’s weird because now I’m working, I have to think about when I want to take time off. It’s not like being at Uni where you get four weeks for the whole of Christmas and New Year’s. Luckily though I will have a week off ‘cos the office closes over Christmas, and I’m hoping to do down to Brighton for New Years, or do something with my friends. Last year was such fun, having a huge house party with everyone. Really was one of the best New Years I’ve ever had. Will be different this year though, and I think a serious effort will have to be made to spend it all together.

Well, I’m done. Can’t think of anything else to say. My life is becoming a tad boring. Next week seems fairly busy, seeing as I had to cancel most of my dinner dates. Plus it’s my dearest friends’, Ellie and Emma, birthdays. So will definitely let you in on the frolics of this coming Saturday’s festivities.