Friday, 17 December 2010

Life this week

My days in post-it

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Such a clutz...

Now this week has been very eventful I'm glad to report. Work this week has been a lot of fun, especially Thursday. My reception area, a place which is usually calm, collected, chilled was taken over by building, dust, mess and a massive projector hanging from the ceiling. I had to resort to standing to one side with the phone and door buzzer. With no computer I was unable to see where meetings were being held of check my emails. Was very chaotic but the end result was worth it. At the same time as this mess was descending in my domain a Christmas tree was going up. Was so glad that there were no major clients coming in that day. People at work were not happy at me for having to book the whole of our front meeting room out, as it left little space for others to go. But not much else I could of done about that. In the end everyone was very understanding. I had to keep it all a secret as not many people knew why all this work was happening. The design team had kept it all very private, only me and Andy (facilities) knew what the result was going to be.

So after what seemed like a life time, everything was finished and it looked pretty stunning. The design team had come up with this interactive live webcam feed that projected your image in snowflakes against the reception main window from the outside. It's a bit hard to explain and I'll see if I can get a picture for next time to show you. Pretty clever idea. What I did manage to get a picture of was of our Christmas tree, which is decorated with each employees face in snowflakes. We each got a decoration with our face on and on the back we wrote a Christmas message then hung it on the tree. All very creative and arty. We had an unveiling ceremony with mince pies and mulled to celebrate the tree and the Christmas live projection. I also got a present from Carl (head of design) for putting up with all the mess and chaos in my reception area. Below is pictue of the tree.

Not the best picture but you get the idea

Thursday, all in all a brilliant day. Friday not so good. Started out as the worst day ever. Did the most spectacular fall of my life, which resulted in a small chunk of skin being ripped out of my knee. I keep replaying my fall in my head and it actually makes me feel sick. Was horrible. Not only did I managed to wreck my knee, I also bruised my left hand. What makes this whole thing even more embarrassing is the fact that there was no good reason for me to fall. No ice, no nothing, I just lost my balance and fell on my hands and knees skidding about just under a metre, ripping my new, only worn once trousers. So, I went to the hospital thinking I'd need stitches, thankfully not. But I got some of that glue and a few steristrips put on me and I was good to go. God it hurts so bad. Hurts to bend and has this dull ache, which unfortunately made me feel very groggy that evening.

Not pleasant I know. This is two days after.

Friday evening was horrendous, came down with this feverish, heady thing. Felt awful, couldn't sleep, couldn't get comfortable and it continued into Saturday, which was not good as I missed my dear friend Emma's birthday dinner, was not up to it. Felt horrible about it but knew, that if I could barely get out of bed I was not going to be much company at dinner.

So, Sunday, feeling bit better, watching Strictly results, smelling our lovely Christmas tree, I feel my week has been definitely eventful.

Sunday, 5 December 2010



The only good thing that seems to have happened this week is being paid my first pay-cheque for my job. Everything else has been horrible. Mostly due to the snow. On Wednesday night, on my two hour journey home from work, I slipped and smashed my back on the ice. It would have been funny not for the fact that I seriously hurt myself, and was literally about a minute away from my house. And I’m not over exaggerating this. So i had to stay home on Thursday, which may sound good but not really when you confined to not moving. Although, things have now picked up and the snow is practically gone; hurray!!! Didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as I would of liked to. So, as I sit here on this glorious Sunday morning, nearly afternoon, I’ve realised, that the damn snow has made my life this week very tiresome. It’s all shits and giggles when you can just enjoy it, but when you have to be at work, it becomes the biggest hassle, and you start resent everything about life.

Apart from my magnificent fall, I have managed to get my Christmas shopping underway and I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it. I mean it is only the beginning of December, so I have a while to go, but it does creep up on you, and you can find yourself stressing and forgetting things. That will not be me this year. I have only 6 people left to buy for, which is manageable I think. Am looking forward to Christmas, as always, but it’s going to be a weird one as I won’t be seeing my Dad till January as he is off skiing, darn him; very jealous of that fact. Haven’t been in 3 years and I’m dying to go again. Moving on from this, secondly it’s weird because now I’m working, I have to think about when I want to take time off. It’s not like being at Uni where you get four weeks for the whole of Christmas and New Year’s. Luckily though I will have a week off ‘cos the office closes over Christmas, and I’m hoping to do down to Brighton for New Years, or do something with my friends. Last year was such fun, having a huge house party with everyone. Really was one of the best New Years I’ve ever had. Will be different this year though, and I think a serious effort will have to be made to spend it all together.

Well, I’m done. Can’t think of anything else to say. My life is becoming a tad boring. Next week seems fairly busy, seeing as I had to cancel most of my dinner dates. Plus it’s my dearest friends’, Ellie and Emma, birthdays. So will definitely let you in on the frolics of this coming Saturday’s festivities.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Lazy Hazy


Right, I have been a bad girl and not keeping up to date with my blog. Slap my hand now! The only reason I haven’t been posting recently is because I’m completely knackered by the time I get in from work. It’s been going really well. Hopefully get paid at end of this month, which will be a nice welcome change to my bank account.

The only exciting thing that’s happened this week is James coming to stay for a couple of days. So nice to see him. It’s hard now being in a long distance relationship but then again it’s nice to miss each other. Am happy to be going back down to the south coast this weekend. Miss Brighton a lot. And everyone in it.

Speaking of missing people, my dearest friend Tom is leaving soon to go up North. So the weekend just passed we all went out for a little goodbye drinky doo. He was wrecked but was such a blast. Sooooo, so funny. Drunk times always are. But not the smell of Maccy D’s sick in the back of a cab. The next day me, Tom, Lucy, Holly and Tash went for a big cafe breakfast and mooched round town for a bit. Unfortunately I had to head home, yes in the previous day/nights outfit. Charming I know. So missed out on feeding the ducks in Kensington gardens.

However, my cousin came over and hung out, monging out more like it. Baking brownies that turned out more like tar. Not good. But, yeah pretty good weekend all in all. Strictly as always with a bit of X Factor and now Celebrity.

Enough for now; some more in another weeks time.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Information Overload


What a brilliant first week I have had at my brand new job. My first day started on Wednesday, and what a day. The first hour was the most nerve racking ever. There I am being thrown in at the deep with one person telling me this, the phone ringing, the door buzzing, people introducing themselves. Was so much to take in that all I could do was smile nicely and keep saying however “overwhelming” I’m finding my first day.

Thankfully I was allowed to leave at 4pm as the office was holding its annual T&T (Transform and Transcend) awards dinner and drinks, in the style of the critically acclaimed ‘Mad Men’. Was such a good way to meet everyone informally, once everyone had, had a bit to drink. I obviously, being my first day and all, stayed pretty much sober as I did not want to make a complete and utter tit of myself, as I seem to do when I usually drink (but who doesn’t). It was also a very good way to begin to understand office politics and get to grips with the office gossip, which I was very much involved when I had lunch the next day with some of the girls from the office. Chilli Bake/Bowl at the Three Kings is amazing by the way. But again a nice way to get to know people. I keep using the word nice and it might seem like an overstatement, but really everything’s gone really well.

Everyone has been so nice and welcoming that I feel pretty much settled in and its only been three days. I think this is a good starting point for me and I am very much looking forward to getting stuck in all areas of the Branding/Design aspects. I want to soak everything up like a sponge.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

On the up

It has been a long two weeks. But a two very good weeks. Have been working hard at Revolution Film, where I had my placement. Lots of running around, but met some really lovely people who gave me soooo much advice. As mentioned in my previous blog, I met the wonderful Stephen Fry last week. This week, on Tuesday, the gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Meyers was in the office. He is too beautiful for words; utterly gorgeous.
Alongside this I have been a busy bee going to various interviews and after a lot of struggle and thinking nothing was going to come of my hardship, I landed a proper job, which was confirmed yesterday. I can’t still quite believe it. I finally have a job that pays a bloody decent wage and can think about saving to move out and save to my masters, which now seems more likely to happen.
It seems to have been two successful weeks since my last post. And tomorrow I get to see my lovely boyfriend and spend a couple of lovely days hanging out before I start work on Wednesday. I desperately want to see the new Mike Leigh film, ‘Another Year’, meant to be brilliant. Was given five stars in a review so fingers crossed will be good.
Am finally excited about where things are going. I’m still striving to eventually be working in the film industry but know I need to start to earning to be able to live. But things are on the up and it feels nice.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Second day over with and I’m exhausted. They don’t call it a Runner for nothing do they? I am literally running around London, here, there and everywhere, like a blue-arsed fly. Hopefully, it will keep me in shape for the next two weeks. Apart from running errands, it’s a really friendly, cool and warm place to work. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. It’s always busy, busy, busy, organising screenings here, booking flights there. I love it. The best thing of all was that on my first day, still can’t quite believe it my dear friends, I met the one and only, Mr Stephen Fry. Some of you may already know this, as I have posted this as my status on facebook. OMG!!!!!!! We actually exchanged words. I met him at his London pad, his actually place of residence. No I’m not going to relay those details. But that has solidified my week as the best week ever.

On another note, as I could quite happily natter away to you about my love for Mr Fry and how I want him to adopt me, I had my interview today and guess what, I’ve bloody gone and got myself a second interview on Monday. Ahhhhh!!!!! My week has gotten off to the best of starts. Things can only get better me thinks, especially as I’m seeing my dear friend Tom tomorrow. Canny wait.

Well that’s all for now guys. Will report back with further details of my remaining week soon. xx

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Not much has been happening since my last post. Have got two afternoons this week where I will be working, which means more driving and feeling like a nomad.
Although, next week, as of Monday I begin my two week placement for Revolution Films and I am sooooo looking forward to it. So, I shall be filling you in on what I will be getting up to. It's an independent, film production company and the job title I applied for was a 'Runner'. I'm guessing that there will be lots of running around (pun not intended).
Unfortunately it is unpaid, only my travel is covered. That sucks a little, but it's all experience that will lead me on to bigger, brighter things.
I've decided I'm going to try and steer clear of feeling sorry for myself, and ranting about my life failings in this blog. Whilst it is still called A 20-something Struggle, I will try and document the achievements and hopefully how my life starts to take and grow a life of its own.
I think that's all for now. Like I said, pretty boring post today.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Busy Bee ;)

Well, what a week I have had. Has been such a blast, really has. Firstly, just want to say that it was so good to see some of my old University friends again this week, and thanks Emma for letting me kip at yours. Have missed everyone dearly.

Where shall I begin. Some success at last has been thrown my way, after my utter self-indulgent rant in my last post. I finally managed to secure another 6 week internship with a brilliant, dynamic and thriving PR company in film distribution. This makes me very happy. Secondly, worked bloody hard this week, which hopefully means I will come into some much needed cash at the end of this month to fund my two week placement in London. And maybe, have a little shop around for some goodies for myself as a little treat.

Thirdly, I had a fantastic and much needed night out with my girlies to the gay capital of Brighton known as Revenge. It was a jolly marvellous evening, and even though I had work at 8.30am the next day (I didn't drink much as I suffer from the worst hangovers ever) it didn't stop me from boogying on down. Also, a plus to this evening came in the form of HUSSTLE (girl band rejected from the judges houses on X Factor). Was a magical moment for me and my friend Emma.

Fourth on my list of achievements this week has been, being invited for an interview on Monday for, okay don't judge (not that you would), Odeon. Part-time work. I thought I should take some intiative and look for a standard part-time work in the field that somehow relates to what I want to do in life. So, fingers crossed I will soon be in some part-time employment.

...and finally, today I spent the afternoon being very cultured with my dear friend Tom, at the V&A. The exhibiton we saw was fabulous. It took nearly two hours to view the whole thing. Now I advise anyone reading this to get down there and book tickets to see the Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes as soon as they can. Truely magnificant. Unfortunetly cameras were not allowed, so I can't place any here to demonstrate the awesomeness of the exhibition. We then walked from South Kensington area to Hyde Park Corner, hopped on the tube and headed to Buckingham Palace and St James's Park and strolled through the park having a good ol' chin-wag.

So, having had tragic and dark rant in my last post I feel somewhat uplifted and more confident in where my life is heading, which is a nice feeling I must say. Now I'm sitting here on the sofa next to my mumma watching X Factor with a nice glass of red wine, munching on some delicious cherry liqueurs (courtesy of my good friend Rachael).

Sunday, 10 October 2010

22, Christ!

A week ago, as some of you may know, I turned 22 (which I celebrated with my dear friends, pictured above), and realised that in the past few months since finishing university, I have achieved very little. Okay, yes I had my internship over the summer, which was brilliant and that enabled me to make some really good contacts that I can, fingers crossed, use later, but when that finished I had nothing else on my plate. It took me two months to get another placement, which is only for two weeks and once again for free. Why is it taking so long to become who I want to be? I know this industry is hard, difficult and extremely competitive, and I'm hoping these small opportunities I'm being given will eventually lead to a big break. Hope being the operative word here.
As I sit here, writing again to you about my trials and tribulations of attempting to throw myself onto the career ladder, and finally start my life, I wonder, 'what on earth am I doing wrong?' If my younger brother, who barley does anything, but simply falls upon a great job that pays him a decent wage that I would love to earn, then there must be something I'm missing, yes?

Well no, surely not. I think I'm an intelligent, smart and capable person (now those who know me I can feel you sniggering at this). Yes, I may not have any common sense (as most of you know) but I'm on the ball most of the time, and am driven in what I want to pursue in life.

But, I can't help thinking that my constant travelling back and forth from Brighton (where I work part-time) to London (where I ideally am looking and hoping to work) is just a waste of my efforts, when I could easily just stroll down the job centre, sign on and spend my time sitting in my room trawling the internet looking for work. No! I don’t want to settle, is what I keep telling myself. Maybe that seems stubborn and immature, but why should I? I've worked hard these past three years to earn a degree that I want to use, and obtain a job that I'm truly, utterly and deeply passionate about.

Now I don't begrudge my brother about his job offer; I'm proud of him and know that it will do him a world of good, but it just digs a little in that small place inside me where I feel cheated somehow.

So, as I finish my cup of tea and watch yet another episode of Sex and The City, I just keep on going, hoping something will turn in my favour.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


So I have finally entered into the working world, well that of unpaid employment, otherwise known as the knowledge building internship, and have come to realise that the stress, worries, anxieties that accompanied me ever so graciously throughout my final year at university, have yet to dissipate. I'm still frantically trying to decide in which direction I want my life go. At some point I wish to go travelling and then attempt the arduous task of achieving an MA. Is this me just procrastinating, and not dealing with the present situation that I find myself in, jobless and penniless? Or is it just being young and wanting some freedom before I loose myself in the professional career ladder. I'm likening to the latter, as it justifies my longing to just have a bit of fun before the seriousness of adulthood overcomes, and washes away the remaining elements of my youth. I just don't think I'm ready to give it all up yet. I still have part-time work after this internship, which hopefully will help my finance my travelling ambitions, and allow me the ability to really think about what I want in life. Well that's the plan at least. I know what I eventually want out life, and I won't give up on everything that I've clearly worked so hard for. However, surely this means I'm entitled to have a break and let loose. People are worried I might loose sight of my dreams, or I'll get too comfortable and not pursue those dreams, but to be honest, I don't think I will. I never took a gap year to go off and explore the world, or go on some self-awakening journey because I wanted to get everything out of the way while I was still motivated after sixth form. The amount of effort I've put in these past three years clearly warrants a kind self-indulgent reward that I have so longed for. I don't know. It all seems too hard and the older you get does not necessarily mean things become any easier; they almost become harder to wrap your head around. Hopefully I'll have figured everything out by the end of the summer, if not...then...well...who knows?!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The New Year Begins…

As I come to the end of my first week in the new year, it’s hard to imagine and put together everything that’s happened in my life thus far.

I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions or made any start on the January detox, although lots of green tea is being consumed. I never feel like there’s much change when a new year comes round. It is not until recently that I’ve begun to think about my future and what I want in life.

As I drove back on new years day to be with my mum, I thought about the party my housemates and I threw for our friends and loved ones. The amount of love that spread through out the night; meeting new people, drinking competitions and sitting round the table at 10am the next day drinking tea, or cider as my dear friend Rachael continued to do, and eating the leftover, unopened party food. It seemed that new years this year wasn’t such a let down as new years always seems to be with me.

That night my mum and I spent ages looking at old photos of our family, and my mum felt a huge sense of nostalgia about the whole thing. I found it funny that as a baby I was so fat. However, what was most enjoyable about looking through these old photos was remembering the people who have left us, especially ones who we never really got to know.

So as I sit here writing this little message when I should be doing my essay, or seminar reading, I think about my life thus far and how, actually, lucky I’ve been. It seems weird as my final year at University draws to a close, how happy I am with the choices I’ve made. I’m not going to get all sentimental, although one could argue that this little note has the sentimental factor, but for the first time since finishing school and starting University, I’m looking forward to the unknown future that lies ahead, and am feeling excited about starting a new journey.

Happy New Year xxx